How to Make a Circle Picture in Canva - Erica Johnson, E-Partners Marketing Inc.

How to Make a Circle Picture in Canva | Less Than 5 Minutes

Check out the this tutorial to learn how to make a circle picture in Canva for your bio or e-mail signature.

7 Ways to Refresh the Look and Feel of Your Brand

7 Ways You Can Refresh Your Brand

As an online entrepreneur, it easy to put the look and feel of your brand on the bottom of your priority list. You have better things to focus on like fulfilling orders, generating new leads and creating more products... Today, I am going to share with you 7 ways you can refresh the look and … Continue reading 7 Ways You Can Refresh Your Brand

Which Ecommerce Website Builder is the best

Which E-Commerce Website Builder is the Best?

Hi There, Are you starting an online store or want to give your online store a new look? Today, I am going to compare pricing and features of 4 well-known builders and 4 self-hosted WordPress (WooCommerce) options. Feel free to scroll down below to my thoughts on each one. Squarespace This is the most aesthetically … Continue reading Which E-Commerce Website Builder is the Best?

Why Designers Don't Give Refunds

Why Designers Don’t Give Refunds

So you hired a designer to create an awesome flyer for your business. Things are going good and then suddenly your designer catches an attitude. You are pissed and want a refund NOW! Your designer doesn't offer a refund, but apologizes and wants to help. Does this sound familiar? Today, I'm going to share with you … Continue reading Why Designers Don’t Give Refunds

Behind the Scenes - Etsy Shop - Adding Etsy Listings - Mockup Tutorial - What's on my desk - Canva Tutorial

Behind the Scenes: Etsy Shop

If you have ever browsed an Etsy shop, had an Etsy shop or thought about opening one you have probably wondered what goes on behind the scenes. This process is probably similar for any other e-commerce platform like eBay, Amazon or Poshmark. I've sold on eBay and Poshmark in the past and the process is … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Etsy Shop

Etsy shop Sale 15% Off

15% OFF Store Wide on Etsy

To celebrate 4th of July and getting 50 sales on Etsy I am offering 15% OFF custom designs in my shop for entrepreneurs, bloggers and YouTubers.  Here are some of the items and resources included in the sale: Blog Post Checklist Includes a comprehensive list of actionable items to do before and after you post … Continue reading 15% OFF Store Wide on Etsy

How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop - Tutorial - E-Partners Marketing

How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop (Tutorial)

Mood Boards are Everywhere!  Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with them by brides-to-be, fashion bloggers and graphic designers.  Interior designers and other industries use them too. I usually make them during logo and website design projects for inspiration.  I make small ones with only a few images for my Instagram story and social media posts … Continue reading How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop (Tutorial)

Mother's Day Posts - Graphics

Happy Mother’s Day Graphics SHARE!

Happy Mother's Day! I spent quite a bit of time capturing the essence, creating content for Mother's Day and wanted to bring joy to others. Please share with your family and friends on this special day.  DO NOT alter my images.  Just share ❤ Pink with Pink Pink and Rose Gold White, Pink and Rose Gold All … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day Graphics SHARE!

Balancing Motherhood and Work - E-Partners Marketing

Balancing Motherhood and Work

Totally different post, but describes my day completely. I had a good day. At my 9 to 5, the kids had a field trip today. When I got home, my daughter took a nap so I could actually send updates to clients: Updated a long-term client to his branding designs (stationery, flyers, blah blah blah lol) … Continue reading Balancing Motherhood and Work