Trying Tailwind Tribes

I may be late to the party using tailwind tribes, but at least I showed up. Social media gurus made tribes seem overly complicated and VIP. Before yesterday, I thought that I had to literally be invited to join a tribe.  Thanks to a generous blog post on by Ladies Make Money, I got access … Continue reading Trying Tailwind Tribes

5 Ways I Used Facebook Groups Completely Wrong To Grow My Business

5 Ways I used Facebook Groups Completely Wrong to Grow My Business

Everyone is telling you that you need to use Facebook Groups to grow your business, but no one is saying how or which groups to join. I am in about 10+ Facebook groups. Some are private, some are public and some are closed. I have paid to be a member of NONE of them.  You … Continue reading 5 Ways I used Facebook Groups Completely Wrong to Grow My Business

Why Designers Don't Give Refunds

Why Designers Don’t Give Refunds

So you hired a designer to create an awesome flyer for your business. Things are going good and then suddenly your designer catches an attitude. You are pissed and want a refund NOW! Your designer doesn't offer a refund, but apologizes and wants to help. Does this sound familiar? Today, I'm going to share with you … Continue reading Why Designers Don’t Give Refunds

Behind the Scenes - Etsy Shop - Adding Etsy Listings - Mockup Tutorial - What's on my desk - Canva Tutorial

Behind the Scenes: Etsy Shop

If you have ever browsed an Etsy shop, had an Etsy shop or thought about opening one you have probably wondered what goes on behind the scenes. This process is probably similar for any other e-commerce platform like eBay, Amazon or Poshmark. I've sold on eBay and Poshmark in the past and the process is … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Etsy Shop

6 New Instagram Features

6 New Instagram Features

Remember last year when it seemed like every few weeks Instagram was introducing a new feature?  Seems they are doing it again this summer! Okay let me get straight into the list: Music Sticker I have this feature on my personal account (1.3K followers), but not my business account (458 followers).  Why this is cool?  … Continue reading 6 New Instagram Features

Etsy shop Sale 15% Off

15% OFF Store Wide on Etsy

To celebrate 4th of July and getting 50 sales on Etsy I am offering 15% OFF custom designs in my shop for entrepreneurs, bloggers and YouTubers.  Here are some of the items and resources included in the sale: Blog Post Checklist Includes a comprehensive list of actionable items to do before and after you post … Continue reading 15% OFF Store Wide on Etsy

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July (Trying to chillax)

Happy 4th of July! I had a desktop and mobile July calendar that I was going to share as a FREEBIE.  Comment below if you think I should release it. My goal for today is to chillax. With all of the noise about running a business and blogging even today, on 4th of July, it … Continue reading Happy 4th of July (Trying to chillax)

Start a Youtube Channel

You Want to Start A YouTube Channel

Everyone is saying you need a YouTube Channel for your business, but no one is saying how to start it. I make custom channel art, but what I think you should do first is make some videos!  Get into the groove of making videos even if it is on your webcam or iPhone. How many … Continue reading You Want to Start A YouTube Channel

How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop - Tutorial - E-Partners Marketing

How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop (Tutorial)

Mood Boards are Everywhere!  Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with them by brides-to-be, fashion bloggers and graphic designers.  Interior designers and other industries use them too. I usually make them during logo and website design projects for inspiration.  I make small ones with only a few images for my Instagram story and social media posts … Continue reading How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop (Tutorial)