How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop - Tutorial - E-Partners Marketing

How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop (Tutorial)

Mood Boards are Everywhere!  Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with them by brides-to-be, fashion bloggers and graphic designers.  Interior designers and other industries use them too. I usually make them during logo and website design projects for inspiration.  I make small ones with only a few images for my Instagram story and social media posts … Continue reading How to Make a Mood Board in Photoshop (Tutorial)

4 Tools I Use to Schedule Social Media Posts

4 Tools I use to Schedule Social Media Content

Today, I'm sharing with you 4 tools that I used to schedule social media posts for myself and clients. Planoly Complete game changer!  I use the preview and analytics features the most.  I love moving posts around to make sure my feed looks just right!  With the free version you can see weekly stats.  With … Continue reading 4 Tools I use to Schedule Social Media Content

Mother's Day Posts - Graphics

Happy Mother’s Day Graphics SHARE!

Happy Mother's Day! I spent quite a bit of time capturing the essence, creating content for Mother's Day and wanted to bring joy to others. Please share with your family and friends on this special day.  DO NOT alter my images.  Just share ❤ Pink with Pink Pink and Rose Gold White, Pink and Rose Gold All … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day Graphics SHARE!

Balancing Motherhood and Work - E-Partners Marketing

Balancing Motherhood and Work

Totally different post, but describes my day completely. I had a good day. At my 9 to 5, the kids had a field trip today. When I got home, my daughter took a nap so I could actually send updates to clients: Updated a long-term client to his branding designs (stationery, flyers, blah blah blah lol) … Continue reading Balancing Motherhood and Work

How much should e-commerce site cost - E-Partners Marketing

Why E-Commerce Websites are so Expensive

During a recent project I did for an online art gallery, I realized why e-commerce websites are so expensive. I will discuss 4 key points as to why the design process of these sites is expensive and why you should NOT cut corners. Time Business owners don't realize that they are actually paying for the … Continue reading Why E-Commerce Websites are so Expensive

Custom YouTube Banner

Favorite Custom YouTube Banners I’ve Made

My hottest selling items on Etsy, custom graphics, are custom YouTube Banners.  I also include them in my logo and website design packages too. What is a custom YouTube Banner? I make a YouTube Banner specifically for that client.  All of the elements of the banner are customized to the clients liking and overall brand. … Continue reading Favorite Custom YouTube Banners I’ve Made

How to Set Up Facebook Business Page

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

So you are ready to start building awareness for your brand on Facebook?  Let's do it! The whole process takes about 10 minutes if you gather the few items you need beforehand. A few things you need before we get started: Facebook Account Website Logo Business Number (number you don't mind having people blow up) … Continue reading How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page