Trying Tailwind Tribes

I may be late to the party using tailwind tribes, but at least I showed up.

Social media gurus made tribes seem overly complicated and VIP.

Before yesterday, I thought that I had to literally be invited to join a tribe.  Thanks to a generous blog post on by Ladies Make Money, I got access to some exclusive links to join some exclusive tribes.

With my current Tailwind plan, I can join up to 5 tribes and submit up to 30 posts to those tribes. That’s pretty cool!

Trying Tailwind Tribes.png

I was skeptical about joining tribes after seeing a forum/website last week that was charging people to join tribes.  I like that Tailwind makes this feature FREE for users.

If you want to promote your blog posts/products in a really cool tribe that I just joined click here. You get a FREE month of Tailwind Plus when you sign up.

Disclaimer: This article contained an affiliate link. As the blog title states, I am trying this product, just like you.  If you don’t want to try it then don’t. Just giving you a “hook up”.

Have you tried Tailwind Tribes? Do you use them with Pinterest Group Boards? Leave your Pinterest account in the comments 🙂

Speaking of Pinterest, check out this tutorial about making consistent blog branding with Pinterest tips:

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