My 4th of July Eve – VIPkid Mock Class 2

My 4th of July Eve - VIPkid Mock 2


On this 4th of July Eve I spent the majority of my day stressing about my 2nd mock class for VIPkid.

Completely shocking, because I have never shared with you 1) My prior experiences teaching young children and 2) My desire to teach online.

Unless, you watch my YouTube videos in which I attempt to teach…kind of.  I love tutorials.  When I think something is useful for business owners and easy to do I like to share it.

The Actual Mock Class

My 2nd mock class was at 10:30am.  I had my orange shirt, headset, white board and props ready.

I was on time.  My teacher mentor (evaluator) was on time.  We started with short intros. She asked what I was told to improve on in previous lessons.  I told her in complete sentences.

I got through the first half of the slides all the way up to the “Activity Time” slide for the “Letter P” lesson.  I finished right at 15 minutes and 10 seconds.  She gave me up to 17 minutes to finish that part.

The Feedback

She gave feedback…for every single slide.  I was not ready for that.  She told me things that she loved, things she would have done different, and things I needed to work on.

Some things that I can remember her liking were knowing the melody of the hello song, microphone, my use of props, flash cards, magnetic letters, energy and TPR. She also liked that I made Oink noises for pig and acted out the different emotions for “How are you” slide.

Some things I can remember her not like were not playing the “stand up, sit down game” and not following the directions on the “pen” slide.  Where it said except, I thought it said example. She also told me to work on synthetic phonics and get the child to use the target sentences.  I thought that was strange, because she could barely remember if I actually used the target sentence pattern or not.  I know that I did, because those are things I was praised on in my Demo and my Mock Class 1.

I proceeded to do the second half of the lesson.  She stopped me at 10 minutes.  I only had 3 slides left.  The ‘panda, pepper, pig” slide which was an extension slide, the “Good Bye Song” and the “Good Bye” slide.

She gave me even more feedback.  She also made a comment about seeing a shadow on my face.  None of the other evaluators said anything negative about my lighting.

The Waiting Game

She didn’t tell me if I passed or not.  She sent me a link to a google doc that a previous evaluator provided and said that I would hear from them within 24-48 hours. She said it may take longer, because they have so many teachers they are evaluating.  She also mentioned that she would score the mock, but her superiors would review the mock lesson too. She gave me an e-mail address to check on the status if I didn’t hear anything.

After Mock Class 1, I received an e-mail within 2 hours of the lesson saying that I passed.  That evaluator also didn’t tell me during the feedback if I passed or not.

This time around felt pretty discouraging.  I knew she couldn’t provide the exact score, but if I don’t hear anything in 48 hours, I’m definitely not going to contact anyone.  I will MOVE ON.

It’s been about 12 hours and I’ve checked my e-mail every few hours.  I haven’t heard anything.  I’m going to move on.

I finished up this evening sending an Etsy client concepts for her custom branding.

The show must go on!

Hope this help anyone going through the VIPKid Interview Process.




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