My 25th Sale on Etsy! and 6 Things I’ve Learned

On Friday, something amazing happened…I got my 25th sale on Etsy!

25th Sale on Etsy - What I've Learned - How to Promote Your Etsy Shop

If you have ever sold anything on Etsy, Poshmark, Amazon, or Ebay you know this is kind of a big deal.  It is not the 100th sale, but it is a huge milestone for me.

This took a long time and LOTS of promotion to achieve.

I should say A WHOLE LOT of a lot. lol

Here’s 5 Things I learned about promoting my Etsy shop:

  1. You have to show and tell.

People have no idea what you do unless you show them and tell them.  Literally.  Especially with what I offer in my store.  The difference between price points is a difference between what the client is saying they want and what that actually looks like.

2. If you don’t promote your shop no one else will.

Etsy has an active community of 3 Million+ people, but you have to actively promote your shop outside of that community.  You have to let people know:

  • You have an Etsy shop
  • What you offer in your shop
  • What makes your shop special

With a community that large there are at least 5-10, maybe even 20 other shops that offer things similar to what you offer in yours.  People choose your shop because they choose you.

3. Respond to questions in a timely, professional manner.

I’ve mentioned in other posts how important it is to be timely with responses from shop visitors.  It is even MORE important to be professional.  Some questions may be silly or you want to respond “The answer is in the description.  You would have known if you READ it.”  Don’t ever say that!  As silly as the question may seem to you, your response can make the sale or not.

4. Listen to your Customer.

Ever had a potential customer ask you for something you don’t have listed?  Then another person ask and another person?

When this happens determine if it is something that you would like to offer and if it goes with the products you already offer.  If is both of these things then you should OFFER IT! By listening to customers I have created new packages and products to better help them meet their branding needs.

25th Sale on Etsy and 6 Things I've Learned - How to Get more Etsy Sales - EPartnersStudio

4. Social Media is your shop’s friend.

Learning how the top Etsy sellers promote their shop is cool, but what works for them might not work for you. Try out Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and figure out which one works for you.

Then focus on that ONE.  You can try out another platform later, but if your immediate goal is to get more sales and help more people then focus on getting the most traffic from that one.

5. Keep Up with Customers

With Etsy being quite a bit social it is important to keep up with your customers.  I have had customers from Etsy turn into customers outside of Etsy.  I have had customers refer other customers to me.  I have had those referral customers bring me customers or they know each other.

Another reason why you should keep up with customers is because they probably would buy something else from you if you treated them like a person and just said “Hey” every now and then.

This is something I’m trying to get better at.  I always assume that my clients are so busy and that they wouldn’t want to hear from me unless it pertained to a project.  Sometimes people just want to chit chat.

At the end of the day business is about people connecting with people.  Not a logo or a fancy office.

Have you had your 25th, 1st or 100th sale on Etsy?


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