How To Overcome A Customer’s Objection About Price

A customer objection about price usually has to do with a misunderstanding of the value your product or services offers.  It has very little to do with the actual price of the product or service.

Let’s Be Real About It

You would never just wander into a high-end department store and be shocked that everything is expensive so don’t think your customer did that when they contacted you.

They liked something about your work and decided to contact you.  They wanted to learn how you could help them.  They think your design skills can make their brand better.  They know that your skills are valuable.

The customer may pretend they do not know the price of the work or how much time is involved, but they do.  That is why they contacted you.  They have no idea how to do it themselves. They want you to help them.

Focus on Value

Let’s not forget the price of your products and services are based on the value it provides.  The components of value:

  • The time involved in the project
  • The process (I would forget to share that Yes, I make this.)
  • The cost of materials involved
  • The quality of the materials involved
  • How quick your turnaround time is
  • How the experience of working with you on this project is unique

How to Overcome Customer Objections About Price

Ask Open-Ended Questions About Value

When a customer objects about price, ask an open ended question about one of the above value points. You will discover that they are confused about the process, time involved or all of the above.

The goal here is to dive deep into what their real objection is.

Only 2% of the population know anything about design and/or coding for web but 98% of the population uses it.  This is why clarifying information and elaborating on these value points is crucial.

Your client may have the perception that everything you do is extremely easy, done quickly and that you are just playing on the computer all day.  Annoying, but true.

How To Overcome Customer Objections About Price

Do This If The Client Is Still Not A Believer

When the client still complains about the price after you have overcome all of their objections, do not budge.  Politely and professionally steer them in a different direction with a different designer.

They don’t see the value in your work which means they don’t really respect your expertise.  Be glad they revealed their true feelings before the project got started.

There is a phrase that “Your cheapest customer will cost you the most.” It is better to give someone else that headache than deal with them being pushy and demanding.

Do This If A Repeat Client Asks For A Discount

When a customer asks for a discount, even a repeat customer, do the exact same thing.  They were so happy that they contacted you to help them again.  Why would they ask you to slash the price of something they liked so much? They may give you every sob story in the world, but do not budge.  Giving in shows them that you don’t value your work that much.

One customer actually told me about how much money she just spent on some packaging in hopes I would give her a discount on an additional design.  Like I cared.

The Most Important Thing

Never slash your prices and torture yourself to make a sale.

As your own boss you get to decide how you would like to be treated and who you would like to serve

If you are feeling frustrated that your prices are too low, that is because you think you have given more value than the customer has paid for.  Look out for a post on this issue.

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