10 Things to Know about the NEW Instagram

Over the last few months Instagram, owned by Facebook, has made so many changes that it is hard to keep up sometimes.

Today I’m going to share 10 things you need to know about the new Instagram so that you can keep and grow your tribe.

10 Things To Know About the New Instagram

1. You can Save Posts

The Save feature lets users save content to a secret feed that only they can see instead of screen shots like in the past. This allows your customers to save products shared on your account to their secret feed to refer to.

The only issue I have with this feature is that I think that more people will start saving things instead of liking.  I mean every single like is saved with your followers.  If it is a special item that you don’t want your bestie to buy too, you would save it to this feed instead of your public feed, right?

2. You can Go LIVE

The LIVE feature lets users live stream content with their followers just like Facebook Live and Periscope.  This allows followers peak into your life or workspace in real time.  This is usually used by business coaches to push a new product or insta-famous people to be funny.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know that I love Periscope for promoting business.  I just haven’t wrapped my mind around “going live” on Instagram.  A lot of the followers on my business account are  people in my same industry so I don’t know what info I could share “live” that they would find value from.  On my personal account I have a lot of potential clients, but I think I would go live just to do like a Q&A about my business.

3. You can post in a slider format

Now, you can post multiple photos within the same post without a collage or it showing up in the feed as a video.  Your audience can literally slide and see the other pictures.

This is pretty awesome, because instead of annoying your friends with multiple posts from the same event you can share them a few at a time with this feature.

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4. You can send posts in a PM (Personal Message)

The ability to send content to friends in a PM has been around for a while, but just like saving, your audience might be sharing with friends without liking and you wouldn’t even know.

If you send content and the profile is private then your friend won’t be able to see the content.  So make sure that the content you are sharing in a PM is public so your friend can laugh too.

5. You can’t save screen shots without the other person getting a notification

You really like a picture and want to save it so you screenshot it. Oh No!  The person got notified that you took a screenshot.

This feature SUCKS.  Now you get notified when someone screen shots your posts and they know if you screen shot theirs.  No more screen shots of crushes or inspiring posts. lol.  I think this was just a teaser for the Save feature that was unveiled shortly after.

Snapchat and Periscope have had this feature for a while.  I wonder if Facebook will ever roll out this feature?

6. You can add a location to Instagram Story posts

In your awesome Instagram Story post you want to share with your audience where you are.  Now you can!

Cute Geofilters aren’t available just yet like on Snapchat, but I’m pretty sure they are in the works.

7. You have to interact with other accounts

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You really do have to be social on social media. In a previous post I expressed how you have to interact with other accounts in order to survive on Instagram.  This means that you have to like, comment and follow others regularly in order for people to interact with your content.

Otherwise, your content will not reach as many people as I’m about to explain.

8. Views of your new content are based on the reach of your old content

How many people view your new content (reach) is based on the interaction with your old content.  You can upgrade your images, copy and hashtags and not see any more interaction because of this.

This is one reason the idea of a “cohesive” feed has taken over.  If your content’s quality is consistent then you should expect the the same level of interaction with each post.

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9. You make the rules for when to post hashtags

Hashtags with post are mandatory, but when to post them is optional.  Some people post hashtags in the caption some people post in the first comment.  I’ve used either strategy and didn’t really see a difference.

Whether you use 3 or 3o you have to make sure they are relevant to what is in your picture, your profile’s theme and your niche’s interests.

10. Your business accounts might not get as much love as it used to

Have you noticed accounts with 5k+ or 10k+ followers barely even reach 100 likes on their posts?  Their feed is cohesive. They use the best hashtags.  Why aren’t they getting as much love as they used to?

Facebook and Instagram are trying to get back to the “place for friends” motto.  They want to show more content from friends and family than from businesses.  It really sucks, because it seems the only way to reach more people with a business account is with sponsored posts.  Your current followers may not be seeing your posts in their feed…at all.

Over to you, what are your thoughts on the New Instagram?

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