Quote of the Day: It’s all about Perception

Hi There,

What is the difference between a Ruth Chris steak and a McDonald’s hamburger?

Marketing is all about Perception - Quote of the Day

The answer is PERCEPTION.

You have a great product or service.  You just have to present it in a way that others see it’s awesomeness too.

Other Cool Things About Perception

Everyone’s reality is actually based on their own perception.

Every brand you love or don’t love is based on perception.

Every purchase you make or don’t make is made on perception.

Every client you attract or don’t attract is based on perception.

Can you change Perception?

Of course you can.  That’s the great thing about it.  Through different images, words and emotions you can actually convey the desired perception you want your audience or customers to have.  You have the power to create and change that about yourself, your brand and your business.

May 21st marks one year in business for me.  You can look at my Instagram and Facebook feeds and see that my branding has changed quite a bit in this short time.  I am trying to get more aligned with my vision of the perception I want people to have of my business.  It is a work in progress, but a lot of fun too.

What do you think about Perception?

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