403 Error Quick Fix | GoDaddy cPanel Tutorial

You moved your site files from one host to another in the cPanel and you get a 403 error message.  Don’t panic!  Quickly get your website back up and running with this quick tutorial.

First make sure all the files were extracted properly in your file manager from the ZIP file.  Then check the permissions on each file and change them to either 644 or 755 settings depending on your preference.

They can be changed quickly by checking off the different boxes for User, Group and World.  You should see 3 digits at the bottom.  For HTML files you can have either 644 or 755. For CSS files you need 755. For Javascript you need 755.

403 Error Quick Fix | GoDaddy cPanel Tutorial

Play around with these until the site looks exactly like it did before you moved the files.

Hope this was helpful.

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