HOW TO: Create Custom Listings on Etsy

Ever wondered how to create a custom listing for a customer that shows up on with all of your other products so that other customers can see it too? Check out this tutorial to learn how or keep reading.


Step 1 Add a new listing.

You can do this by either going to the Listing Manager or just clicking Add a Listing.

Step 2 Upload a placeholder image.

I usually take an image and add “Custom Listing for CustomerName” to it.  If you sell physical products on Etsy then you are welcome to add more product photos.  Since I only sell digital products I only use 1 photo for custom listings like this.

Step 3 Enter a Title.

You can title it “Custom Package for Customer Name” so they can easily find it and add other keywords so that other customers can find it too.

Step 4 Choose your usual item details.

Choose from the drop down menus in the About This Listing and Category section.

Step 5 Choose renewal type.

Choose manual if you want to renew it yourself and Auto if you want Etsy to automatically renew the listing each time it is sold.

Step 6 Choose the type of item.

Very important so that the customer is not expecting a physical item sent if it is a digital product.

Step 7 Add a description of the listing.

You can make it as simple as “Custom listing for Customer Name.”  Or you can add details about what is included so other buyers can choose it also.

Step 8 Choose the section.

Choose the section of your shop that you would like the listing in.  This is helpful so potential buyers can see other items that see complimentary items.

Step 9 Enter your usual tags.

Enter your usual tags so that previous and new customers can find your listing in search.

HOW TO Create Custom Listings on Etsy - Product Listings - Etsy Tutorial

Step 10 Enter the price

Step 11 Upload a file if it is a digital product.

Step 12 Look it over and click PUBLISH!

Yay! You did it!

Let me know if you would like more posts like this.

Hope this was helpful.


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