How To: Turn Etsy Questions into Sales

Ever feel like turning Etsy questions into sales is a challenge?    Read this article to learn the simple tips that I use to close the sale and turn their questions into a purchase OR you can check out the video below.


  Tip 1: Be overly nice with your response

Figure out what their name is by looking at their profile and reading a little about them if they filled out the description.  To get the conversation started make sure to greet them by name in the message. Ex. “Hi Ashley, Hope you are having a great day…” is a great way to make them feel special for contacting you.

Respond to the question they asked in a professional, polite way and thank them for showing interest in your products and services.

Tip 2: Be Timely with your response 

Try to respond as quickly as you can to their questions and responses.  Try your best not to let 24 hours pass by without responding.  Definitely don’t let a week go by.  Sometimes Etsy sends messages to spam so check that on a regular basis too.

Tip 3: Thank them for showing interest

In the first message share with them that you are thankful that they showed interest in in your items and shop.

Tip 4:  Suggest additional items

Once you figure out what they are looking for and need suggest additional items or a custom package.  For example, if someone is looking for a custom logo they may also be looking for a custom website.  Suggest things that make sense for them. For custom packages be sympathetic to your customer’s budgets.  You have to make money, but you need to satisfy your customers.  Be flexible enough that it is a win/win for everyone.

Tip 5: Make it seem like it was their choice

Always ask them what they think in a casual way like “Let me know what you think” or “Check out my portfolio and let me know if you like my past work or not.”  Presenting the sale in a casual way empowers them to choose for themselves.

Never beg or assume the sale.  A buyer can ask about a specific item and never go through with actually purchasing.

How do you respond to questions from potential buyers on Etsy?  What works for you?

Thanks for stopping by!

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