Domain Names, Hosting and Forwarding MADE EASY

Domain Names, Hosting and Forwarding can be so confusing.  You can keep reading to understand these concepts OR you can check out my video below:

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the Address associated with a website aka the name of the website.  For example the domain name of my business is  You can have a domain name with .COM, .NET., .ORG or any other types of endings.

Your domain name can be the same as your business name or something very close. It has to be registered and purchased.  You can register a domain name through GoDaddy,, HostGator,, or any other legit domain name registrar.  The domain name has to be renewed every year so that no one else can use it.

What is Domain/Web Hosting and why do I need it?

Domain/Web Hosting is the space on the internet that all the files (website design) of your site will live to show up on the Domain name that you chose. Think of it as the rent you pay on your apartment.  It is very important so that all the code (HTML, CSS, JAVA) show up just how you would like.

What is domain name forwarding?

Domain name forwarding is when you take the domain name that the files of your site (code, pictures and text) of your site is currently sitting on and forward it to the domain name that you would like it to show up on.

For example, if you want a subdomain such as to show up as in the address bar, you would need to put in a domain name forwarding request with masking. This is important so that if someone types in they see the website design that you want them to see.

You would enter this request into the control panel associated with your domain name where you registered it. Once the request is approved, every time you type in your domain name the website design that you want to appear will appear 🙂

Hope this was helpful.  Let me know in the comments below.

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