Custom Logo Design: Bachelor Party Brothers

Hey There,

Just wanted to share a logo design project for a client that I’m wrapping up.

The client wanted a logo for his Bachelor Party Planning business.  Pretty cool business, right?  He was very specific that he did not want the cliche, cheesy symbols that are usually associated with Bachelor parties like bow ties and silhouettes of girls. He also wanted to incorporate a champagne bottle.  He also made it clear that he does not like silver.

I was hesitant at first about incorporating the champagne bottle.  I thought a logo with just text would be cool. That way future brides wouldn’t be able to tell what the company was about.

My client is a very well dressed man that has a weekly youtube show about cigars and enjoys travel. I wanted to create a logo that spoke to his clients and reflected his personal style as well. 😉

While brainstorming the look and feel of the brand I gravitated towards luxury images.  Anything that was gold, black, marble, shiny or fancy was added to my secret Pinterest board.  For the final inspiration board I picked the best pins that reflected his style as well. Below is a portion of the inspiration board:

Luxury Mood Board - Inspiration - E-Partners Marketing - Custom Logo Design

After creating this board I was set on including the Ralph Lauren font, Fenice, in some way.  I thought making the logo a mix of stiff and fun fonts would be cool too.  Below are the initial concepts I created:

Custom Logo Design Concepts - E-Partners Marketing - Fenice Font - CAC Champagne


After reviewing the concepts there were 2 that he really liked, but he requested a champagne bottle in the background with a cork on one end and the bottle on the other.

I was still hesitant.  How could I incorporate a champagne bottle without it taking away from the level of sophistication that i was trying to convey?  How could I include the bottle without the logo becoming too busy?

I decided to add the bottle, but decrease the opacity so that it appeared as just a shadow of the bottle.  It clearly visible, but doesn’t distract the eye.

Below is a stylesheet that includes the main logo, variations, color palette, fonts used, inspiration and mockups.  This is my favorite part of the design process!

Logo Design Style Sheet - Custom Branding - E-Partners Marketing

He loved the new concepts!  I’m so grateful for the experience to bring his brand’s vision to life.

If you would like an original custom logo for your brand please contact me at or check out my Etsy shop.

To see my projects daily Connect with me on Instagram and Snapchat (@ericaravon).

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