15th Sale on Etsy

Hi There,

I’ve been on Etsy a few months now and got my 15th sale over the weekend. It is a milestone, because I remember wondering if I would ever make a sale.

I remember:

  • When I thought I would just make printables.  Along with it passive income as people promised on YouTube. lol.
  • Being too scared to add more products.
  • Being too scared to share my products on social media.
  • Wanting to give up on the idea of Etsy altogether.
  • When a competitor reached out to me about my listing being worded very similar to hers.  That is something that I think runs a lot of Etsy shop owners off. It is discouraging when someone with way more sales and clients contacts you with a nasty message in hopes that you will go away.  Don’t let that get to you.  Take the constructive criticism and make your listing better.

15th Sale on Etsy - Branding - Marketing - Design - E-Partners Marketing

Then it happened.  I got my first sale.

No it was not a printable.  It wasn’t even anything that I had in my shop.  It was a custom order. The young lady wanted a YouTube banner and Blog header for her nursing journey.  During this project I learned about a whole community of nurses that talk about their college experience, work and outside of work lives.

15th Etsy Sale - Youtube Banner - Blog header - E-Partners Marketing

My second sale took me completely by surprise.  She didn’t ask me any questions beforehand and just pressed buy.  I was so used to people asking questions that I thought it must have been a mistake. She wanted content pieces for her Natural Hair Boutique that was opening.  In this order she ordered 2.  Then she gave me the idea for an even bigger content package.  Then she ordered 10 more. She has even sent me referrals for colleagues in her industry.

15th Etsy Sale - E-Partners Marketing - Natural Hair - Custom Content

Some time went by.  I got a few more sales.  Didn’t hit my end of year goals, but still kept adding products and optimizing listings.

Last week, I got 2 sales back to back.

The 15th sale was a lady requesting a Facebook Cover photo for her LipSense venture.  She sent an example of what she wanted and I assured her that I could do it.  I sent her the final file last night and she loved it. custom-facebook-covers-1

During this experience I’ve learned how important customer service and self-promotion are.  I provide micro-branding for these clients, but I treat them with the same level of respect that I treat my Website and Logo design clients.  On Etsy you are a small fish in a big pond.  You have to let Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram know what you are offering.

Let your products speak for themselves.

The more often I share content pieces that I have created the more inquiries I get.

“Don’t give up on your day dream”-Anynomous

Thanks for Stopping By.  Hoping this encouraged anyone that may be having slow sales or new to Etsy.





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