10 Little Changes that Make a Big Difference on Social Media

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Even though I’m under the weather I woke up this morning and put together content pieces for one of my Etsy clients.  She has ordered from me before and I enjoy creating pieces for her Natural Hair Boutique.

Anyways, I was checking her social media accounts and realized some things that I want to share with her the next time we speak.  I figured I would share them with you too since these are things that really changed things for my personal Instagram accounts as well as other social media accounts that I have managed for other businesses.

10 Little Things That Make a Big Difference on Social Media

1. Make your avatar a person instead of a logo.

You ever heard the phrase “People like people”?  The same is true for social media.  Having a face in your profile picture can be the difference between someone following you back or not.  Nothing wrong with a logo, but people really don’t connect to it.  If you want to attract more clients and followers change it. You will instantly see a surge in engagement.

10 Little Things That Make a Big Difference on Social Media - E-Partners Marketing
Even if you have a virtual assistant or entire marketing department people still like to feel like they are interacting with a real person, not a company.

2Make sure your phone number on your profile, cover or within posts.

10 Little Things that Make a Big Difference on Social Media - E-Partners Marketing

For Instagram you should include your phone number either on the post itself or within the comment. I added my Real Estate client’s phone number to my post and she actually received a few calls from people looking to buy a new home.

On your Facebook business page you should definitely have your phone number in the about section.  You should include it in posts when appropriate or even in the cover photo.  The same goes for your Twitter Header and Youtube Banner.  This way people can call you.  Otherwise you won’t get any calls.

3. Don’t use stock images that look like stock images.

Everyone hates stock images.  Whether designer or end user, people just hate them.  People can’t usually tell that the free anti-stock stock images are in fact stock images, but they sure loath the images that have been photoshopped to death.

I had a client on Upwork that I did some content pieces for.  Spent a good amount of time looking for just the right images to connect with their audience.  They ended up not using any of them on their feed that I could see.

I did notice that instead they opted for the ultra fake, too many filtered stock images. Guess how many likes their posts had?  Not very many.

4. Like Stuff.

10 Little Things that Make a Big Difference on Social Media - E-Partners Marketing

Since we are on the subject of likes have you liked anything lately?  That might be part of the reason why you aren’t seeing as much engagement with your posts.  Make it a goal to like at least 10-100 posts an hour and see if things improve. 10% of those people will like your stuff back.

5. Comment.

If you have no idea what to say or don’t want to seem like an echo of previous comments on a posts just use an emoji.  Just another way to build brand awareness.  Make it a habit to comment on your ideal client’s posts.

6. Better Images

This is extremely important for people that are selling products. I’m not telling you get a a $800 camera or schedule a photo shoot. When you are taking pictures of your products take into consideration lighting and composition.  How will this look on Facebook or Instagram?  Does this go with my brand?

Flat Lay by Yours Truly.  Debating if I should add a collection to Etsy or Creative Market.

I wanted pretty pictures of my own so I took them myself. I’m not a flatlay pro, but I spent time researching and practicing to get better at it.  I wanted pretty pictures of my own so I took them myself.  I’ll make a separate posts about the subject.

7. Add your website to your profile description.

10 Little Things to Make a Big Difference on Social Media - E-Partners Marketing

This will help lead potential customers to your website or online store. Remember people are looking at your social media accounts on their phones.  They get distracted easily so the easier you make it for them to click-through the better.

8. Call To Action

How can they learn more?  How can they order your product?  Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter.  Tell them.  They want to sign up.  You just have to tell them what to do.

In your profile description and posts make sure you are telling your followers how they can “learn more”, “sign up”, or “order now”.

9. Follow People.

Follow people that are either in a) your ideal customer b) someone that can inspire your or c) someone you can collaborate with. You want to follow your ideal customer to see what they actually like and build awareness by interacting with their content.  You want to follow someone inspires you so that you stay motivated and interacting with their post may inspire your followers.  You want to follow someone you can collaborate with so that they know you exist.  You have to get familiar with them before you ask to collaborate on a blog post, video, webinar or e-course.

Just like with liking and commenting, people will actually follow and interact with you back.

10. Focus on the platform that generates the most revenue for YOUR business.

Look at your analytics and leads and see is it making since for you to allocate time to that platform or not.  If you are getting the bulk of your customers and leads on Facebook then focus on Facebook. If you are generating most of your e-commerce traffic from posts on Instagram than focus on Instagram.

You can try as many platforms as you want, but once you figure out which platform is the best for you then post more of that content on that platform.  Stick with what works and stop doing what doesn’t.

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