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Hi There,

I chose this quote as the quote of the day, because I am wrapping up what I thought was the impossible with a client.

Motion graphics are kind of a big deal with everyone become obsessed with using images and video for marketing.  Big and small companies alike want to integrate them into their websites and social media content.

Upon meeting at the business owner, I was given the task of creating 2 animated logos and digital commercial.

The idea of both of these overwhelmed me.  In the design world there are so many ways to get the exact same result.  Which program would I use?  How would I make it easy for the client to integrate into her social media strategy.

Inspirational Quote - Marketing - Design - E-Partners Marketing

After several hours of research and tutorials I faced my fears and created first drafts in Adobe After Effects.  Took about 3 hours for the commercial and 8 hours for the animated logos. I shared sneak peeks on  Snapchat or Instagram earlier this week. Hoping to have them done this afternoon and will share the finished products in a separate post.

Confession: A year ago if you asked if I would put together an animated logo or commercial I would have said “What do you mean by animated logo?  How in the world would I create a commercial?”

Moral of the story: Anything that you think you can do you can. You are capable of more than you know.  The first step is trying!

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