5 Awesome Website Must-Haves

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Now that the holidays are over it is the perfect time to optimize your site.  Here are 5 thing your site needs to be awesome this year:

1. About Me section should be about THEM

This should be all about what you can do for them.  Not, your favorite color or movie.  This should make you seem approachable, friendly and capable of doing what they came to your website for.

2. Large Phone Number

Visitors should be able to find your phone number as soon as they land on your site.  On every page of your site.  Also, when they scroll down the page on the bottom of your site.  This helps them quickly and easily contact you to learn more.

5 Awesome Website Must-Haves - 2017 - Web Design - Digital Marketing - E-Partners Marketing

3. Contact Forms

Along with having your phone number on each page you also need a contact form.  Why you may be wondering?  Your ideal customer may not be able to call you at the moment.  In that case they want to e-mail you right away and a contact form makes this an easy process for them.

4. Testimonials

People buy from people that have done great work for other people.  You worked hard to get those testimonials so use them every chance you get!  Just including 1-3 on your home page is a great way to sharing rave reviews you have received.

5. Call-To-Action

Your homepage should prompt visitors to dig deeper into your site and then each page should encourage them to do your desired action.  Whether that be giving you a call, filling out a form, sending an e-mail or purchasing a product.


Great Photos

Not saying you need a fancy glamour shots, but hi-resolution photos are a must.  Especially if you are an e-commerce site.  Blurry product pictures give a bad first impression. Also, a some great smiling photos of yourself will build trust with first time visitors.


-docstocTV on Youtube


-Snap Society on Youtube


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