Why You Can’t Do Social Media Alone

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With all the tasks involved of actually running a business, social media takes a back seat.  You post when you can or get an employee to help.  Managing social media accounts this way will produce minimal results.

Successful, effective growth strategies for social media cannot be completed by one person. Growing audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest takes way more than the 15 minutes a day you hear all the time.

Yesterday, I shared Why You Need a Social Media Manager.  Today, I want to get more specific about why you can’t organically grow your audience on social media platforms all by yourself.

Why You Can't Do Social Media Alone

As a entrepreneur or solopreneur you may want to control everything that is posted by your company on social media.  This control means that you may miss out on actually reaching your marketing goals.

Let me explain…

Hiring a Social Media Manager is the first step to actually growing your audience.  A great Social Media Manager knows the strategies to organically grow your audience on each platform and increase engagement for that platform.  They coordinate the tasks needed and make sure they get done.

They should have a team or mention having resources to help.

This is vital so that things do not fall through the cracks.  One person cannot create content, schedule posts, follow/unfollow, comment, share, tweet, like and research App updates all by themselves.  There only 24 hours in the day and they are 1 person.

This person doesn’t have to have a fancy office.  This person does not have to have a fancy website with pictures of their team.

Even if you don’t have a social media manager…

You need to start implementing the growth strategies that you can handle without losing sleep. Then start planning to scale up when you have the budget to get help in order to reach your goals.

I’ll dive into this in the next few posts about specific growth strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

My social media client is on their way to reaching 90k Facebook Likes and I didn’t do it alone!  I have coordinated the tasks of others to get things done for this client.  I have also done this for their Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I’ll dive into this in a case study so check back to learn more.

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