Why You need a Social Media Manager

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Whether your business is a tiny mom and pop boutique or a multi-location restaurant, social media should be a part of your overall marketing strategy.  If it isn’t bringing in the ROI you were expecting and has becoming frustrating then keep reading.

Your Current Dilemma

You want to promote your product or service with social media.  You set up the accounts which was super easy, but now you have no idea what to do next. You have no idea what to post or when.  Figuring out what content to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat is so frustrating you give up all together.  Let’s not even mention LinkedIn or Google+. lol


You have had social media accounts for your business for a while now, but have ran out of post ideas.  You also hate Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm changes. You also have no desire to learn what Snapchat is. Plus, you have more important things to do like helping your clients instead of posting cute pictures and quotes all day.

If either one of these scenarios applies to you, you definitely need to start looking for a social media manager.

Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Why You Need a Social Media Manager

-They save you time!

-They know how to find and create great content.

-They know how to reach your target market.

-They do in-depth research of your competition with unbiased opinions.

-They are obsessed with analytics and are always looking for ways to improve results.

-They develop strategies to achieve your goals whether it’s to get more sales, e-mail subscribers, followers, or build brand awareness.

A social media client I’ve been working with for 2 months just reached 81k Likes on their Facebook Fan Page! I want to share with you what we did!

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