See a Critic as a Friend

No one likes constructive criticism.  Especially not about something you spent hours or even months creating.  Everyone hates it even more when the criticism is from a  competitor.

It doesn’t really matter what the constructive criticism was.  It does matter what you do with it though.  Will you use that criticism to become better or completely ignore it?

Don’t you just love when the critic gives their opinion without being asked?  I mean really, why are they putting in their two cents about something that they didn’t help create.  I mean unless they are offering to help that is cool, but usually they are not.

See Your Critics as Friends - Success - Business

The relationship between the creator and the criticism is one of love and hate.  We love that they provide us with brutally honest feedback.  We hate the fact that they find flaw in our masterpiece.  We love that they want us to do better.  We hate that they pick the most opportune time to provide it the advice.

There are two ways to look at a critic.  You can see the person as an enemy or a friend.

An enemy wants you to fail.  They relish in your failures.  They want you to fail over and over.  Your success scares them and makes them upset.  They give you negative comments in hopes you will give up on your goals and dreams.

A friend wants you to succeed.  They celebrate your victories with you.  They want you to reach new levels in your life.  They give you honest opinions to help you be a better person.

I love my critics, because they help me get better at what I am doing.  They give me honest, unsolicited feedback and then I make my work better.

A true enemy would not tell you anything is wrong with your work.  They would focus on their own lane while watching you crash and burn in yours.

Within the last few weeks I’ve received some unsolicited criticism about my website.  One designer said I needed to change it, because it was build with a template.  Like 90% of the other websites in the universe.  Another, didn’t explicitly say it, but definitely mentioned that he designs sites too.

I was so annoyed. Who are they to criticize my site?  What made them bold enough to tell me what they thought of my site?

At that very moment, I made the decision to change my site.  I already had plans of updating it with a portfolio section so, but was making excuses about not doing it.  I was putting off and putting it off.  I, like several other business owners, procrastinate… a lot.

My competitors gave me the big push I needed to update my site.  They gave me the push to be better.

I’m sure there is something you have been putting off doing for your own business that you have done for others.  I’m sure there is something that your competition has criticized you about.

Look at it as them giving you a brick to build your empire with.  They are giving you a favor and don’t even realize it.

My new site has been designed. Now, I just have to go through the steps of changing the DNS settings.  The fun part.

Hope this helped you see a critic as a friend for your success.

❤ Erica

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