How To Really Grow Your Tribe on Social Media

Has it been really hard to grow your tribe on social media? How can something so easy for personal use be so difficult for business?

Discover the true way to grow your tribe on social media. 

Marketers have made social media so complicated that people have forgotten the real function of social media. The original goal was people talking to other people.  For every piece of content you post make sure it serves that purpose.  Does it speak to them?

How To Really grow your tribe on Social Media

I had this epiphany early this week when I realized my Periscope following is  growing about 100 people per week.  How did this happen? I do these three things:

-I watch and comment on other people’s scopes.

-I post more scopes throughout the week.

-I follow new Scopers that are entertaining or are more knowledgeable than me in some area of business.

I talk to my scope followers like they are my friends.  We don’t just talk about business.  We talk about the news, politics, travel, the weather and inspirational quotes.  We also joke and play music.

Wonder what would happen if I talked to all my followers, subscribers and fans like they were friends instead of a business talking to a potential client?

The titles CEO and Entrepreneur have fun and friendly people coming off as boring.  They stop having fun with social media to protect their brand’s reputation, but in the process treat all of their social media accounts like LinkedIn.  A pitch in messages and some articles every now and then.  Rarely any original content.

People want to be inspired.  They also want to unwind after a long day of work and laugh sometimes.  People want to feel special and that they matter.


How can I do this?

DM people sometimes.  Not sexy DMs.  Just DM them and talk to them like they are a human beings.

Don’t send automatic Twitter DMs like:

“Thanks for following.  Check out my mixtape on SoundCloud.  Turn on my notifications.”

I thought you followed me?  Never mind.  This screams not special and will get you unfollowed if not blocked.  The craziest part is these automatic replies are sent sometimes when they follow you.

Don’t send generic Facebook DMs like:

“Hi there, I’m a travel agent and was wondering if you would be interested in making extra income.”

Hi! We’ve been Facebook friends for over 5 years.  Why the hell would you send me a message about earning extra income and not even mention my name.  No I’m going to let you see that I read it, but am not going to respond.  You were so busy mass DM-ing that you forgot these facts.

Talking to your fan base like friends may not grow your tribe overnight, but it will gain trust which is extremely important.

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