Snapchat for Business

Snapchat has 100 million users!

Do you have an account for your business?

This article explains why you should use it to promote your products and services.

Humans by nature are extremely curious about what other humans are doing. What are they eating?  Where are they going?  What’s going on this weekend?  Is the newest bar in town cool or not?  Is that new Brunch place good?

Snapchat answers all of these questions.

If you provide great service they will let their followers know.  If you don’t, they will let them know.

An actual observation is Dunkin Donuts’ coffee new small cup size.  Then one day I saw a post of what looked like a small child’s sippy cup on my friend’s story . Then there was another post on another story.  Then a completely different story had it.  They are not fans of the cup size.  The snaps had such captions as “That’s why they are losing” and “TF is that.”

SnapChat is product placement.  By having a popular user, frequent your cafe or use your product their followers will be inspired. It’s like a micro-version of YouTube.  A lot of YouTubers actually use it to offer exclusive deals to their fans.

Also with Snapchat, companies can submit GeoFilters to promote their brand. Kinda cool! Think commercial meets photo booth.

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3 thoughts on “Snapchat for Business

  1. Great article. I am new to snapchat and since this is a big thing these days I thought I need to look into it and see how it could be used in my case. But after my research online I am still a bit lost. My business is online service for social media automation (facebook so far), so how could something like this be promoted on snapchat to generate more leads? Any help?

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    1. Snapchat is more for connecting with customers and giving them peaks behind the scenes. A good Snap would be a behind the scenes look at of shooting or editing a commercial. Another could be letting them see a sneak peek of a current project you are working on like a logo or a print ad. Not sure it would actually generate leads, but you would be able to see who saw your snap and follow up in a timely manner 🙂 You gave me a great idea for another post.

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