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We help you build the business you love!

Erica Johnson CEO Of E-Partners Marketing Inc. | We help you build the business you love.

Erica Johnson is the Creative Director for busy business owners. She not only creates your branding and marketing strategies, but she also analyzes the results. Erica designs websites and graphics that attract and convert.

Aniah Jackson, Public Relations Manager - E-Partners Marketing Inc. | We help busy business owners build the business they love

Aniah Jackson is the Public Relations Manager for busy business owners. She not only promotes events, but she also plans them. Aniah creates social media campaigns that attract influencers and sales. She helps your product get the attention it needs!

At E-Partners Marketing Inc., it is truly our desire to help entrepreneurs not only wow, but convert.  We’ll teach you how to consistently reach your customers with content they WANT. We also share ideas and techniques from our experience in marketing and public relations at corporate and boutique agencies. E-Partners Marketing Inc. was created to help busy business owners with marketing and design, all while they focus on their business!

When Erica isn’t designing she enjoys dancing, drawing and painting with her daughter! They enjoy the beach and driving her Minnie Mouse car. She also loves finding a good lipstick and blog about makeup sometimes.

When Aniah isn’t planning events she enjoys dancing, traveling, and acting! She’s a great singer too!

You can request a custom design by e-mailing us at @epartnersmarketing@gmail.com or sending a custom request to the Etsy Shop.

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